Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Have a Moment of Science!

One of our favorite places to visit in Los Angeles was the California Science Center near U.S.C.. We have many special family memories exploring the exhibits there. This is one reason Quinn and I were so excited to get our membership established at the Boston Museum of Science last week. It is just a short hop for us on the "T", (Boston Public Transportation), so it will be easy for us to spend lots of time there. Because of school and work, our visits to the California Science Center were usually among the weekend crowds as we tried to cram in as many exhibits as we could, plus lunch, in a short day. Fun, but at times overwhelming. With the Boston Museum of Science being close and having mid-week time available, Quinn and I are going to change our visit strategy, each week, maybe every other week, we will visit one exhibit only, Quinn will read the exhibit placards to me, (something that is impossible in a crowded museum), take notes, then come home and write about our trip. Our first day was a day of exploration as we tried to familiarize ourselves with this magical new place. There were so many great exhibits, we are both very eager for our adventures here to begin.

George Brown Class Clown: Trouble Magnet

-by Nancy Krulik

I liked this book very, very much, because it is really funny. George is a fun kid who has five friends. He is a normal kid except for his super burps that sneak up on him and make him do things that get him in trouble. Sometimes the super burps make him dance around like an ape or roll around on the floor. Another time he climbed a tree pretending to be a nut. The worst time was when the super burp made him put to much erupting powder in his volcano and it made a giant mess in his classroom. Mrs. Kelly didn't like that at all. By the end of the story he started getting control of the super burps, but he really wanted them to just go away so he could be a normal kid.