Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Across our Country; 17 of 50

Our drive across the country was an unforgettable experience for Quinn and I. Our route, which changed as we went based on weather, points of interest, and road conditions, led us through 17 of the 50 states, most of which neither of us had ever been to. Our intention was to write about each place as we travelled to and post about them while we were on the road. However, free internet connections are not all they are cracked up to be and while they were free at times they were hardly what I would call a connection. Posting text via my cellular phone was possible, but when you compare the size of my thumbs with the size of the phone's keyboard, it was not really practical. Instead Quinn and I worked together to create bubble maps to keep track of information about each location. Now that we are back home in front of a computer, Quinn is using his maps to write about our stops.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The first place we went on our trip was Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city in Nevada. We went and played in the arcade at Circus Circus. I played games and won prizes. It was fun! We went to the Hoover Dam, it uses the power of water to create electricity. It was one of the largest construction projects in the United States. I almost got to go on a helicopter ride, but it was closed because of wind. At night we drove around on the strip to see the lights, they were very colorful. There were even pirate ships that shoot cannons at each other.

Cedar City, Utah

Our next stop was Cedar City, Utah. We did lots of hiking while we were there. The first day we went to Cedar Breaks. It had lots of big red rocks. We spotted some fossils while there and even a bear in a cave. There was a big tree with lots of shoes hanging on it. We called it the shoe tree. The next day we went to Red Cliffs. It was the best hiking place I have ever been to. We hiked up a river. It was very, very, big and there were lots of caves and waterfalls. We also visited Harrisburg while we were there. It was a mining town in the 1800's. They mined silver and Turquoise.

(To Be Continued)

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